Since its inception in 1989 the Irish Palatine Association has endeavoured to preserve the rich heritage of Irish Palatine Culture by encouraging and developing a sense of Identity among Palatine families and their descendants especially in Ireland, England, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada and by re-kindling a relationship with their ancestral homeland, Rheinland in Germany.  Click here to learn more about the Irish Palatine Association.

IPA Museum, Rathkeale Ireland

The Irish Palatine Heritage Centre is located in the Old Railway Building, Rathkeale, County Limerick, Ireland.  It houses an exhibition that seeks to re-present in detail the Irish Palatine experience ranging from their German places of origin, to their colonisation and settlement in Ireland, and their subsequent scattering all over the English speaking world.

Emphasis is placed on the Palatines’ innovative contribution to Irish farming life and on their formative role in the development of world Methodism. The Centre features an extensive display of artefacts, photographs, graphics etc. associated with the Palatine story. It is set in landscaped surroundings and includes an archive, a tea-room, gift selection and bus/car park.

The Irish Palatine Association Journal is published annually by the IPA to encourage a sense of fellowship, promote dialogue between members, record information and inform of Association developments.  The Journal is distributed free to members.  Back issues are available from the IPA Website or from the IP-SIG by email at ip-sig.ogs.on.ca.