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If there are members of the Mick family in your tree, then check out the webpage of the Micks of Micksburg


If you have Shiers in your family tree, you , check out this site Our Family History – The Shiers, An Irish Palatine Family


For those of you with Sparling ancestors, check out this site


Does the Switzer name appear in your family tree?  Check out these websites:
Bryant and Paula Taggart’s Family History
Library Ireland – Kilkenny Hospitals (a short article about Kilkenny Hospitals from A Topical Dictionary of Ireland, 1837 that mentions a James Switzer, Esq that had an Alms House for Protestant and Catholic women)
Bytown or Bust – Christopher SWITZER and Sarah Jane MILLER
an Irish Palatine Family, from Germany to County Limerick, Ireland to
Nepean Township, Ontario, Canada, in 1825
(a page dedicated to Christopher Switzer and his wife Sarah Jane Miller, with links to a three-part YouTube presentation entitled The History of the Switzer Family of Nepean, Ontario, Canada)


If you are researching the Teskey name then check out Teskey Family Genealogy Page