Irish Palatine Special Interest Group

Welcome to the Irish Palatine Special Interest Group (IP-SIG) – the first Special Interest Group established by the Ontario Genealogical Society in 2008.

The purpose of this group is to help you research your Irish Palatine heritage by providing resource information, links and a connection to other Irish Palatines.  Anyone interested in this SIG should e-mail SIG IP Communications at

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IP-SIG Project – 1stWW Memorial Booklet

To: Members of the Irish Palatine Special Interest Group (IP-SIG) of the Ontario Genealogical Society and Any Canadian Irish Palatine family who may have lost a IP relative serving in the Canadian Forces in the 1stWW

The Irish Palatine Special Interest Group (IP-SIG) of the Ontario Genealogical Society has formed a working group to compile, for publication, a collection of stories of Canadian Irish Palatines who perished in the First World War.

In the linked file Booklet full request for a submission to IP 1WW project you will find a ‘template’ which guides the participant on how to gather and submit the necessary information on each individual that IP families wish to be included in the Memorial Booklet. Also included are links to Web pages that you might use for locating military information on 1st WW deceased individuals, and two examples of a completed ‘Template’ for: 1. Gordon L Brown and 2. George W Shier

If you have an IP relative who perished while serving in the Canadian Forces in the 1stWW, please consider participating in the project. Also, we ask that the email and the file be passed on to any Canadian IP family that may have lost an IP relative in the 1stWW (the booklet is not limited to only IP-SIG members).

Many thanks for your consideration.

Prepared by the IP-SIG Working Group:
Roger Shier, Mary Wallace, and Steven Davison

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