We’re a small but mighty group!  The following current activities are described in more detail on the pages below.


The IP-SIG will once again be involved in several activities at the upcoming OGS Conference.

If you missed a webinar, you can find it on the Past Webinars page.

The IP-SIG is working on preparing a First World War Memorial Book for publication.

Read about the IP-SIG’s Commemorative book, Irish Palatine Pioneers in Upper Canada, Commemorating 300 Years 1709-2009.

The Eula C Lapp Award is presented periodically by the IP-SIG to an individual who has made a significant contribution to Irish Palatine genealogy.

We believe in experiential learning–visiting the places where our ancestors lived.  The SIG has organized and run two bus tours, and participated in tours run by the Irish Palatine Association.